"The ingenious songwriting is a facet that is often overlooked by superficial listeners but Nails Hide Metal possesses a sense of mastery that is nothing more than a rarity in the contemporary music industry. The abstract constructions pave an optimistic road of musical impossibilities consolidated into one fascinating piece of artistry for music heads to enjoy. There is a sense of controlled demolition within the aggressiveness of the music that is both calculated and systematic to the band’s flora." – ArtistRack 

"This powerful and talented duo have arrived with their sixth studio project, Breach, consisting of eight really tasty rock jams. This is an album you simply turn on, turn up, and let it play. From beginning to end we are greeted with a consistent barrage of stimulating sonic arrangements that weave seamlessly into what I have no problem calling a GREAT album. In a world focused on singles, Breach is a very refreshing present to my ears. All Through, On the Hill Stairs, Cause, Iconic Nobody, I Can’t Believe, Straight and Narrow, You Can See and Bend the Day are each solid singles on their own but also blend seamlessly for one of the better indie rock albums I have had the pleasure of discovering in 2017. I can’t choose a favorite song. I was serious when I said this is an album you just turn on and turn up. Consider me a new fan of this band. Nails Hide Metal make GREAT music." - Middle Tennessee Music 

"The fuzzed-out guitar work, the powerful percussion, and those joyous vocals all work in unison to deliver something so positively tender at times. Infinitely catchy the songs linger in the mind courtesy of Nails Hide Metal’s keen ear for melody. Lyrics feel akin to poetry as their abstractions have an emotional quality to them, as they conjure up moods as much as they do mere moments. On “Breach” Nails Hide Metal sculpt a gorgeous, colorful, and all-engrossing world, one that feels positively visceral with its desire to rush forward into such a glorious, colorful realm." – Skope Magazine 

"For having such a full sound, you wouldn’t expect Nails Hide Metal to be only two members. Especially in their latest release, Breach, there is such a well-developed, complex sound that you can’t wrap your head around there only being two musicians. The creative team of MeLinda Dalton and Russ Quinn find home in their distinctive guitar sound and driving rhythmic melodies. Nails Hide Metal have clearly developed their own unique sound. "– Indie Band Guru 

"NAILS HIDE METAL is a two-person band that consists of Russ Quinn and MeLinda Dalton. Together, the duo creates more than just your usual guitar-and-drums music that you would usually associate with a two-person band. Their music is so much more than that." – The Rock and Roll Report 

"For having been created by only two musicians, the Breach album from Nails Hide Metal contains a surprisingly large amount of variety in the styles of Rock and Roll that make up the eight tracks on the album. This is due to the versatility of both Russ Quinn and MeLinda Dalton who are responsible for bringing the music on the release to life. Of course, this is not their first album. And hopefully, this won’t be their last." – The Rock and Roll Report 

"Breach is a collection of fairly raw indie offerings that take the rhythm and mild ambiance of amplified rock music and use it to drive forwards an array of ideas and melodies that have a certain character and freshness about them. The character and creative freedom of it is really not something you hear too much of these days, the band are doing their own thing entirely and this project consistently underlines that." – Stereo Stickman 

"Prepare yourself for something rather unique…the atmospheric, psych-rock sounds of the Pacific Northwest’s own, Nails Hide Metal" – The Ark of Music 

"Nails Hide Metal have a quirky mix of rock, punk and even a little country twang that’s absolutely joyful in a live setting. They’re dirty, but in the best possible way" – Tour Worthy 

"Expect the unexpected; a tour of rock n' roll from The Guess Who to The Shins.”— The Hype

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