Reverbnation Crowd Reviews

Eastern Breaks - "The drums are what started this song off and I just love that! The beautiful melody came in after and it made me love the song even more. The singers voices blended together very well. I especially loved the woman's voice, she has a different sound to her. The beat has got to be one of the best beats I have heard in a while."...  "A bit of an eerie country pop song. I like it. I think it could be a great hit. His voice sounds a bit like a young Johnny Cash. I like the mixture of the voices. The pre chorus music sounds  70s. I love it. They have a great sound. The guitar is moving and intriguing. Love the drums."

Looking For It - " I like the bad A** feel this song gives you. It’s a classic rock song all the way through. I kinda feel as if I were the drummer to this song. I'm drumming along with my hands and feet. I think people would like this song on k 109.6 The rock station! I also think a lot of people will appreciate some new rock."...  " I love how this sounds. The guitarist plays the guitar perfectly, and the drummer plays the drums perfectly. They each sound amazing throughout the song. The singer has a great voice. I think this rock song sounds great."

What's Left - "This song sounds has a dreamy sound. The singer has a natural storyteller voice. The lyrics sound philosophical. I like the rockin' chord progression. Cool underground sound. This band clearly has a garage rock appeal as well as a Lou Reed type rock sound. It's free spirited rock."...  "The drum beat that makes me think these guys/gals have some musical talent. It has that rhythmical sound I like between the drummer and the guitarist. There is a good feel to the song. The singer has the right voice for this song. The best part is he brings quality style. Some singers are not to be able to do that with good musical beats."....  "A great alternative rock song that gives off an edgy feeling and delivers an energetic performance. " .... " I like how this sounds very contemporary with a vintage vibe. It feels very indie but also classic. The singers voices complement the sound as well. I am a fan of the tone and pace of the song." .... " great songwriting and melody and lyrics, this should be well liked by fans of modern rock"

Homer Deville's Flatbed  "Wow, Unbelievable, It was so unexpected, Amazing, Love it great job:) Love the vocals too, It was unexpected."...  "From the start of this track I really liked the background instrumentation. It was unique with percussion and a guitar. The singer had a vocal tone that complimented this song well.  The instrumental on this I was captivated by, it was pretty unique. It was like a mix of country and blues. I also really liked the harmonica as well. It's not an instrument that you hear very often. " ... " Instrumentals,  lyrics are great. Flow of the whole song is great. Drums are great. Back up vocals were interesting, and intriguing all at the same time." 

Matter - "The lyrics are very deep and I think also happen to match the mood of the song very well. It's unexplainable how sad yet comfortable the song makes me feel. It is a very relatable song. I will probably remember this song for a long time and I would love to hear more from the artists. There's nothing I didn't like and I think the song has great commercial potential. I can hear this song have a part in a movie even!" ....  "I felt really drawn to this song from the first 30 seconds. I think the instrument arrangement is very well done. I would definitely listen to this song again. The lyrics, harmonies and instruments just go so well together, and blend well too. I think this song has much potential in the charts."

What About The Holidays -  "I’m digging the vibe of this track. A nice rhythm with good subtle vocals. Great lyrics and just a good tune overall tune . I really like the drummer! Bass, guitars, tight."....   "The contrasts in mood are very well handled. Deep, dynamic vocals that are lined with great acoustic like instrumentals which are great together. I would like to hear more tracks like this. This could easily be a popular song. Keep up the amazing work!"..... 
"Beautiful drums on the intro… wow I am very impressed. I want to lean back in my chair and get into this groove. It is a funky 70 inspired groove. The lead guitar is very very accurate and well-defined. I love this song, I love this song, I love this song. My only wish now is that I can hear more of this… they are very, very, very good. I would love to see this group." ....  "Subtle guitar chords are nicely mixed with two distinct sounds -a glossy phased line and a clean toned rhythm.  Flowing music is nicely sung with a folky dude's voice and elvin female vocals on the chorus. The thoughtful lyrics require some pondering to unravel their domestic spiritual bent. Good build to the woven guitar lined finale."

 Darkness Glow - "Yes! Love the opening. Had an Eels/Radiohead feel instrumentally, while the lead singer's voice had shades of Chris Martin/ Bob Schneider. Lyrics are impactful, and the song feels like you are taking an actual journey. Sure, it could be interpreted as a little depressing as far as subject matter goes, but there is a time and a place for that. The long guitar solo at the end felt like the perfect release of energy. Best song I've heard on this forum yet." .... "I like the guitar that the song was introduced with. The electric guitar and drum combination really give the song a slow rock atmosphere. The vocals also help achieve this effect as well. The singer has a familiar vocal quality that I would compare to Roger Waters. The tune of the guitar gets very interesting later on in the song with a dreamy and mysterious kind of tune with a heavier drum beat. The whole song has a really interesting psych rock feeling. I like the way that the song approached it's end with the heavier guitar and drum solo. I think it's a memorable song and I would like to hear more from the artist even."
Just A Word - "I was completely engaged just from the intro and wanted to hear what was to follow. For those that like this genre of music, they'll definitely be engaged immediately. Sounds like this song offers a great message lyrically. I'd definitely listen to it again just to hear the message that it presents and I'd recommend it to friends." .... " Great drum beat, right from the start. The lead guitar part is catchy, and didn't seem to get repetitive. The lyrics were also very nicely written"..... "I think the words are well written and are more of Lou reed style. I think there is some interesting alternative style music to this track. It's interesting."
 You Don't Say - "I dig this. Simple hook, quick, punchy lyrics."


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