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Breach Album Review - Starr Brown, Indie Band Guru 

For having such a full sound, you wouldn’t expect Nails Hide Metal to be only two members. Especially in their latest release, Breach, there is such a well developed complex sound that you can’t wrap your head around there only being two musicians. 

The duo Nails Hide Metal are truly rocking out on their sixth studio release Breach. 

Combining elements of original rock, a hint of punk along side a dash of metal, Nails Hide Metal have clearly developed their own unique sound. The creative team of MeLinda Dalton (drums, percussion, keyboards, harmonica and vocals) and Russ Quinn (guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals) find home in their distinctive guitar sound and driving rhythmic melodies. 

Opening with the high energy track “All Through”, you can clearly hear the musical direction Nails Hide Metal are taking with Breach. With a fast paced beat joined with a distorted guitar, you’re transported right into the thick of their sound. Complete with melancholy vocals from both Dalton and Quinn, “All Through” is the perfect opener for what Nails Hide Metal have to offer listeners. 

Bringing out a true gritter sound, “Cause” shows everything Nails Hide Metal are putting out for listeners on Breach. With nothing to lose, the drum heavy track is layered with distorted guitar that even the Rolling Stone would be proud of. Screeching echoes and rough vocals top off “Cause” making it a track to be reckoned with on Breach. 

Nails Hide Metal nails the groove-rock sound.

“Bend The Day” combines all the elements of Nails Hide Metal’s unique sound. Featuring a slower rock tempo, punk flair and a hint of country twang, it’s the perfect amount of gritty yet polished to intrigue listeners away of the pop/rock of today. 

Dalton and Quinn began playing and recording together in 2009 bringing together three self-recored EPs in three years. Constantly finding new inspiration for creative material, the duo has been together ever since. Exploring new music directions at every chance they get, nothing compete with their compelling lyrics, melodies and harmonies that round off their sound. -  by Starr Brown, Indie Band Guru

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