Nails Hide Metal - 'Breach' Album Review - ArtistRack

Nails Hide Metal - Breach album review - ArtistRack

The searing guitar tonalities on Nails Hide Metal’s newest album ‘Breach’ provide a distinction within the saturation components with a nice tube-like low end that gives the riffs a vivid sounding melody. 

The grungy dynamics possess a grimy element to the sound that engulfs all portions of the music in a charismatic choral epitome of music. Likewise, this sound contains fascinating guitar pitch bends and screeching slides that work in an agreeable manner without becoming repetitive or overbearing. 

Each song his its own unique characteristics designated to the track itself while respecting the vision of the entire LP in context. The brute force nature encapsulates the spirit of energetic music from the 90’s that relished the parallel counter culture of the 60’s in a meticulous manner. The stimulating chord progressions develop through sharp/flat riffs that alter the music in a psychedelic whirly movement of sound that is congruent to the band’s creativity. 

The ingenious songwriting is a facet that is often overlooked by superficial listeners but Nails Hide Metal’s possesses a sense of mastery that is nothing more than a rarity in the contemporary music industry. The abstract constructions pave an optimistic road of musical impossibilities consolidated into one fascinating piece of artistry for music heads to enjoy. 

There is a sense of controlled demolition within the aggressiveness of the music that is both calculated and systematic to the band’s flora. This force will carry the momentum towards a prosperous time for multifaceted aficionados to relish. - ArtistRack 

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