Nails Hide Metal Deliver Driving, Melodic Rock on New Album Breach - Middle Tennessee Music

Nails Hide Metal Deliver Driving, Melodic Rock on New Album Breach

Nails Hide Metal deliver distinct, driving, melodic, gritty rock music packed with a plethora of awesome effects, sonic nuance and enough groove to make you move. 

Nails Hide Metal is the songwriting team of MeLinda Dalton (drums, percussion, keyboards, harmonica, vocals) and Russ Quinn (guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals) who have an extensive catalog of music in their portfolio.  

This powerful and talented duo have arrived with their sixth studio project, Breach, consisting of eight really tasty rock jams. This is an album you simply turn on, turn up, and let it play. From beginning to end we are greeted with a consistent barrage of stimulating sonic arrangements that weave seamlessly into what I have no problem calling a GREAT album. 

In a world focused on singles, Breach is a very refreshing present to my ears. 

Uber infectious distorted guitar tones, body moving grooves, motivating rhythms and a lyrical depth that is above par compared to most music coming out these days, Nails Hide Metal deliver a musical layer cake packed with enough substance to appeal to more mature listeners while staying accessible to those who might not take their listening experiences quite as seriously. 

I can’t choose a favorite song. I was serious when I said this is an album you just turn on and turn up. 

All Through, On the Hill Stairs, Cause, Iconic Nobody, I Can’t Believe, Straight and Narrow, You Can See and Bend the Day are each solid singles on their own but also blend seamlessly for one of the better indie rock albums I have had the pleasure of discovering in 2017. 

Consider me a new fan of this band. Nails Hide Metal make GREAT music. - by Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music


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